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IJGlobal is host of this podcast series where members of the editorial team delve into matters relating to the finance, procurement, delivery and operation of infrastructure and energy projects around the world. This coverage ranges from greenfield project / corporate finance through to M&A activity in this space, and infra fund activity... all of it in the infrastructure and energy world. IJGlobal is an established provider of news and market intelligence in this sector, boasting three extensive databases tracking international developments.


  • The IJGlobal LatAm podcast juggernaut ploughs on with the latest episode recorded at last week’s Inter American Development Bank conference – PPP Americas – in Panama.The PPP scene in Ecuador is discussed with Gustavo Camacho and Israel Berrezueta

  • PPP Americas – the conference staged in Panama last week hosted by the Inter American Development – covers the LAC region… and attracted an interesting delegate from the Dominican Republic. Tune in to hear all about DR's exciting plans

  • The latest IJGlobal podcast to have been recorded at the Inter American Development Bank’s conference last week in Panama – PPP Americas – sees the spotlight turn on Chile

  • As hosts of last week’s splendid PPP Americas conference in Panama, it would be unseemly not to have invited the Inter American Development Bank for a podcast… and it’s a good job we did as they had a lot to say about LatAm infra

  • The second in a series of 12 podcasts recorded last week at the Inter American Development Bank conference – PPP Americas – sees the focus turn towards the fledgling PPP sector in Panama

  • In the first of a series of Infra Dig podcasts under the “LatAm Uncovered” banner, IJGlobal today posts an interview recorded last week at the Inter American Development Bank PPP Americas conference in Panama

  • In a world where energy storage is playing an increasingly essential role to counteract renewable energy-related intermittency issues, attention is firmly focused on this sector… and that goes for the IJGlobal podcast as well

  • The UK Infrastructure Bank was born from Brexit – the great British answer to the loss of the European Investment Bank that made it pretty clear that departure from the EU came at a cost. Here we look at its replacement...