Our copyrights are vital to IJGlobal's business. We depend on subscriptions revenues. However infringement of copyright in digital products is easy to commit and hard to detect and, despite clear and frequent warnings alerting subscribers to their obligations, copyright infringement takes place. We therefore take a firm position against any infringement of our copyrights. This is doubly so for instances of habitual, systematic, or repeated infringement.

IJGlobal authorizes Users to quote or closely paraphrase no more than 20% of the text of an individual article and no more than 10 articles per month of the Product for use in pitch books, presentations and other materials presented to colleagues, actual or potential clients in the ordinary use of its business or in published research reports of analysis, and on condition that appropriate source and copyright attribution is given in each case. A User is also authorized to print a single copy of an article or issue, provided it is only for personal and nontransferable use. IJGlobal reserves all rights in its Products and any other distribution or copying, including but not limited to sharing, copying, posting, scanning, or forwarding of the Products without prior written consent from IJGlobal is not authorized and is a violation of copyright laws.

As a matter of policy all instances of continual or repeated infringement are referred to counsel and pursued with the intention of creating a deterrent to copyright infringement. We encourage you to ensure that you respect the limitations of any subscription you might have. If you need to circulate our content to a larger group, cost-effective group licenses are available and we’d be delighted to discuss these with you.