The US Infrastructure Market Analysis 2013

When it comes to infrastructure, the US is a curious beast. There’s almost a straight dichotomy between its developed and continually developing energy sector and it’s ever more impoverished public infrastructure (transport and public estate etc.): Whilst the shale explosion continues to offer opportunities both nationally and internationally, US transport and other infrastructure sectors seem rooted to the spot. The familiar global complaint of too much capital, not enough deals, applies to the US as much as it does anywhere else. Moreover, though perhaps counter intuitively, the political and regulatory systems of the US are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating their priorities – the recent close down of government a cursory remainder of the potential for political deadlock latent within American democracy. US PF is by no means in a state of disrepair, but parts of its infrastructure are. The country must find the political will to expand the range of projects and investment opportunities to include those the US public need the most, as well as those that are the most profitable.

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