IJ Global PF Infrastructure Review H1 2013: Regions

To date 2013 has seen varying fortunes in infrastructure across the globe. Deal count was down in both Europe and the US, despite the closure of some big ticket deals which bolstered overall value figures, whilst only Asia & Pacific and Africa and the Middle East saw an increse in both deal volume and deal value, recording a total of 51 closed deals amounting to US$47 billion in Asa & Pacific and 28 deals totalling US$432 billion in Africa and the Middle East. Though too early to make a grand decree, H1 2013 shows that the flow of infrastructure development has, at least for the time being, shifted. Traditional western markets, Europe and North America, remain tangled in financial difficulty whilst emerging markets are beginning to become strongholds of infrastructure development and project finance opportunities. Whether this is a sign of things to come or just a fleeting blip is yet to be seen, but the shift marks interesting times ahead for the global infrastructure landscape.

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