Suri heads back to KPMG, Portugal

Long-established infrastructure specialist Ravi Suri has made a glorious return to KPMG where he resumes the role of senior adviser on global infrastructure sustainable finance, attached to the Portugal branch.

Suri has in recent year established himself as a key player in the Middle East, working first with AP Moller Capital and then Alpen Capital in private equity roles, operating out of Dubai. His new role sees him retain a Gulf focus, but on a more international level.

In his new role back in the Big 4, Suri reports to Richard Threlfall – KPMG global head of infrastructure, government, healthcare and transport – as well as Portugal chair Nasser Sattar, at a local level.

In a LinkedIn post announcing his return, Suri stated: “It’s great to be back with the KPMG family and I am truly humbled by the warm welcome I received from many parts of the wide network.

“I am excited as there is so much to do in the sustainable finance and infrastructure arena; with the intersection of technology and infrastructure being an inexorable event, structuring finance deals that mitigate technology risk will be key.”

He added: “There is adequate capital to fund the March to Net Zero but it doesn’t flow because risk mitigation isn’t done correctly. It is these kinds of solutions which I will be working on at KPMG. Exciting times ahead!”

Suri has deep experience across the infrastructure finance community having started his career at GE Capital in Europe before moving on to work with ABN Amro in Asia Pacific, then at Standard Chartered Bank in Dubai where he stayed for 15 years, starting the PF unit in 2002 and going on to serve as global head of project and export finance.

He left Standard Chartered in 2017 to join KPMG where he stayed for a little more than 4 years in Dubai serving as partner, rising to be senior adviser and global head of infra finance.

This was followed by spells as senior managing director at AP Moller Capital and then managing director at Alpen Capital – before his return this week to KPMG.