Zest partners with NFU for rural EV expansion

UK electric vehicle charging infrastructure company Zest has partnered with British energy consultancy NFU Energy to deliver Zest’s services to rural clients.

The expansion will benefit horticultural and agricultural businesses in under-served regions of the UK.

This will help landowners and farmers diversify by transforming underused brownfield sites into a sustainable revenue stream.

Solutions include:

  • EV charging hubs
  • destination EV charging
  • solar canopies

Zest will offer fully-funded and fully-managed EV charging infrastructure services.

The EV charging firm is supported by the UK government’s £420 million ($524m) Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF) – managed by Zouk Capital – which recently doubled its investment in Zest to £60 million.

In recent months Zest has won several UK EV charging contracts including:

  • partnership with Hackney Council for the roll-out of more than 2,500 EV chargers across the borough by 2026
  • TfL contract for London charging infrastructure expansion