IJGlobal Magazine – Autumn 2020 issue

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IJGlobal is delighted today to publish the autumn edition of the IJGlobal Magazine – including the Power & Renewables Report – once again in digital format, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The magazine is normally posted to subscribers and handed out at our conferences, but as this issue is available only online, we are making it open access to allow for its proliferation around the market.

To download the magazine, CLICK HERE…

This latest issue of the magazine is crammed with exclusive content while also retaining regular features in the new-look magazine.

At the front of book, the People Move section is being sponsored by infra/energy placement specialist One Search, with the introduction penned by chief executive Dan McCarthy as well as an interview with AMP Capital's Patrick Trears.

The Power & Renewables report has been sponsored by ING Bank and features an interview with Thomas Cantello and Ana Carolina Oliveira who discuss stability for power and renewable energy in the US.

Exclusive power and renewables features include:

  • focus on floating solar in APAC
  • the future of renewable energy across MENA
  • a feature on the potential for P3 in the US university sector
  • the evolution of infra funds to broaden scope and regional focus
  • a technology focus piece – from offshore wind to electric vehicle charging
  • turbine top trumps – a focus on offshore wind turbines where big is bountiful

The autumn mag also includes a feature on sanitation PPPs – from water transmission to treatment – across Latin America and the Caribbean, a market that is tipped to take off in the coming years.

This is followed by a Q&A session with Karin Granda, special director of Peru’s procurement agency ProInversión, where she delves into the potential for this market in Peru.

There is a great deal more beyond that in this latest edition of the IJGlobal Magazine with case studies for each regions and a global market round-up for greenfield activity.

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