IJGlobal Survey – Global Digital Infrastructure

IJGlobal this week published a survey to gauge understanding and preparedness for Digital Infrastructure – a burgeoning sector that we anticipate will benefit massively from international stimulus packages to revitalise economies post Covid-19.

An early example of this commitment of capital can be seen in China where it has presented a 5-year plan with tech giant Tencent to invest $70 billion in Digital Infrastructure alongside a wider plan to develop the entire nation's urban infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the European Commission is rumoured to be targeting €1 trillion to be deployed across the union.

These two examples of capital commitment are just the tip of the iceberg in a sector we believe will increasingly crop up in the Core+ space, soon to be firmly viewed by the market as Core.

It is heralded as the strongest contributor to GDP snap-back growth in economies – from Internet of Things through to 5G deployment and the financing of data centres – and is destined to play an increasingly central role for the infra finance community.

IJGlobal – in partnership with M&E Global – is offering you a chance to take part in a global survey to assess understanding of the sector and gauge opinion from those who will play a key role in its financing and realisation.

To take part in the survey, click here…