IJGlobal Magazine

  • Magazine issue #373 - Winter 2019

    Cover story:

    Charged with uncertainty

    Risks are high for early-movers in the EV charging market

  • Magazine issue #372 - Autumn 2018

    Cover story:

    In a hole

    Can Argentina get its PPPs back on the road?

  • Magazine issue #371 - Summer 2018

    Cover story:

    Narrowing opportunities

    Are big banks being squeezed out of European PPP?

  • Magazine issue #370 - Spring 2018

    Cover story:

    End of the line?

    The Gateway Program should but may not happen

  • Magazine issue #369 - Winter 2018

    Cover story:

    Refis on the radar

    UK PFI debt is ripe for replacing

  • Magazine issue #1 - IJGlobal 20th Anniversary Edition

    Cover story:

    Celebrating 20 years of energy and infrastructure finance