Italian utilities business considers offload

Italian utilities company Gruppo Iren is considering offloading a minority stake in its gas distribution business, IJGlobal has learnt.

Reggio-Emilia based Iren produces, distributes and sells electricity, gas, products and services for public bodies, companies and individuals – with activities split across 4 companies:

  • Iren Energia
  • Iren Mercato
  • Iren Ambiente

Division IRETI manages the distribution of electricity, gas and water throughout the country.

According to a source, the enterprise value of the potential stake up for grabs is roughly €700 million ($728.5m).

Iren is a holding company founded in 2010 as a result of the merger between Enìa and Iride. It is engaged in various energy sectors in Italy:

  • electricity
  • gas
  • district heating
  • waste
  • water
  • distribution networks

Currently no advisers have been appointed for the process, however, according to a source there are a large number of interested parties already looking at the asset.

Gruppo Iren was contacted for comment but had not replied by the time of publication.

Transaction SnapshotAcquisition of a Minority Stake in IRETI

$734.42m USD
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