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  • PPP/PFI Outlook - Sector Analysis in H1 2012

    Our study of the Global PPP market activity reveals the decline across social infrastructure, transport and water. Transport sector activity has been sliding since 2009 in line with weak economic performance in countries where the sector was formerly the most active – Eurozone countries, Australia, India, USA and Canada. Contraction this year in some countries is due to delays in procurement and c

  • Global Infrastructure Finance Review H1 2012 - Sectors

    Overall, global project finance volume failed to gain momentum in H1 2012 and contracted as a result of economic and financial stress and on-going uncertainty in the real economy, financial markets and political sphere of its leading markets.

  • Global Infrastructure Finance Review H1 2012 - Overview

    Global project finance activity in the first half of 2012 was as depleted as in the chilly first half of 2009. In some cases it was actually worse, as global activity has begun to shift away from Europe. Nearly four years after the collapse of Bear Stearns in the United States began a global banking crisis, the European sovereign debt crisis characterised by Greece’s struggle has erased any positi

  • IJ Global FY 2011 League Tables Summary

    The sixth edition of Infrastructure Journal’s project finance league tables failed to provide conclusive proof of an upward trend as different metrics, by which our analysts’ measure market sentiments, performed differently.

  • IJ Global 2011 League Tables: Summary by Sector

    Social infrastructure and water sector PF suffered but transport, power and oil & gas sector enjoyed a good 2011.

  • Australia PF Outlook 2012: Bankable opportunities with few caveats

    Australia remains an attractive destination for infrastructure investment

  • Indonesia’s 2012 PF Outlook: The US$160 billion question?

    PF debt markets have rarely been approached for new social infra build in the country

  • Transport PF Outlook 2012: IJ Special Report on Ports Infra

    After a 2-year downturn, many existing ports have not still fully recovered from negative growth

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