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  • Perfect chemistry: Sadara petrochemicals

    WHAT WE SAID THEN: “Among this mammoth financings’ ground-breaking features was the largest ever (and second only) Middle Eastern sukuk bond, the largest ever direct loan from US Exim, and the participation of Spanish ECA FIEM on a project financing for the first time”

  • Saudi – pricing the sun and wind

    The Middle East has shot to the top of the renewable energy industry’s onshore leader board with an enviable programme of scale. Bidders are now tripping over themselves to compete and word from the banking community has it that lenders are wincing at the margins

  • Saudi Arabian renewables tenders

    Saudi Arabia in early 2018 announced ambitious new plans to promote renewable energy as part of the kingdom’s long-term strategy to diversify its economy. The kingdom is planning to tender a total of 3.3GW of solar capacity and 800MW of wind capacity this year, Turki Al Shehri, head of the Renewable Energy Project Development Office confirmed to IJGlobal in January


    Acwa Power and Shanghai Electric’s 700MW CSP project in Dubai represents the world’s largest thermal solar development. The sponsors are looking to finance the $3.9 billion development with a raft of European, Chinese and regional lenders under a soft mini-perm structure

  • Lebanon’s designs on PPP

    Lebanon has unveiled plans for a $22 billion Infrastructure Investment Programme (IIP) to be implemented over the coming 12 years, with $6 billion of that designated as PPPs. The programme opens up opportunities for private investors to tap a market desperately in need of key infrastructure – but which has had little PPP success in the past

  • Saudi gets solar right with Sakaka

    After a number of false starts, Saudi Arabia’s first utility scale solar project – the 300MW Sakaka PV plant – is nearing financial close. The deal is the first step in the kingdom’s ambitious renewable energy plans

  • Kuwait PPP 10 years on

    It is 10 years since Kuwait launched its PPP programme, which to date has delivered just one project, leading many to question whether procurement agency Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP) will ever deliver most of its pipeline

  • Acquisition of 70% of ENGIE E&P International

    Private equity-backed operators have poured billions of dollars into the North Sea upstream industry over the last 18 months. Neptune Energy’s first deal to buy out ENGIE's portfolio seals the entry of another independent, but is likely to be the last in a flurry of sales of mega-sized upstream portfolios by majors

  • The bluffer’s guide to infrastructure

    Sitting down yesterday to an old-school lunch with a rare selection of industry veterans, discussion over a succulent rack of lamb and a cheeky bottle of red inevitably turned to the nostalgic “where are they now?” and swiftly evolved into the more waspish “how are they still there?”

  • The new year – back for another swing

    A couple of (hopefully) amusing anecdotes, a preview of our league tables which will be published in a couple of weeks' time and mulling the awards for which we shall hosting judging sessions over the course of this month

  • Infrastructure funds – big news

    In the same week that IJGlobal goes live with our infrastructure funds database – IJInvestor – it feels appropriate to turn the focus on an interesting trend in the equity space: the rise of technical advisers as investors.

  • Gulf tensions chill Lebanon’s development

    DFI-backed projects in Lebanon appear to be on ice after Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri resigned earlier this month. The latest instability is likely to further hinder project financings in the country

  • Making bubbles while the sun shines

    It always pays to keep a weather eye out for the next financial bubble, after all, we’ve seen enough of them in recent times to warrant wariness. Right now there’s a splendid one brewing in the international renewable energy space that should have you all bracing for impact

  • Egypt closes solar FIT 2 at half the price

    Egypt can finally celebrate substantial success in its attempts to procure 2,000MW of solar capacity under its FIT scheme, with the second round seeing 30 projects reach financial close last week

  • Local bank decline in MENA

    While local lenders become less active in MENA energy and infrastructure transactions, international banks are taking a larger slice of a diminishing pie

  • Mini-perm treatment for GCC tenors in need of a trim

    Mini-perm financings are increasingly in vogue across the GCC, driven by ultra-competitive pricing on renewable energy projects and bank liquidity requirements

  • Denmark’s Frankenfund – it’s live…

    This week witnessed the birth of a fund that bears all the hallmarks of Frankenstein’s monster and it has now been unleashed on emerging markets. In a staggering display of Nordic good sense, Denmark’s largest company – a global leader in the ports and shipping space – has been spliced with three pension funds to create a monstrous vehicle to invest across African infrastructure and energy

  • MENA cuts time to financial close

    The MENA region, never a slouch when it came to getting projects over the finish line, appears to be getting quicker at taking projects from preferred bidder (PB) to financial close

  • Saudi's Vision 2030: A slow start

    Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan launched to considerable fanfare in mid-2016. Though it is still early days, this blueprint for modernising and diversifying the country's economy has not led to an increase in closed deals in the energy and infrastructure sectors

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