• Bogotá-Girardot toll road, Colombia

    The Bogotá-Girardot toll road PPP project reached FC in early May 2023, finalising a protracted process started in 2015 – when the concession was first announced

  • Codelco desalination plant, Chile

    The Codelco-commissioned desalination plant in Chile’s Antofagasta region reached financial close in early March, 10 years after it was first announced

  • M&A: Iberdrola ends rift in Mexico for $6bn

    Iberdrola’s chairman Ignacio Galán, on April 4 2023, sat on a dark green chair embroidered with the Mexican coat of arms, around a large wooden table with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and a Mexican delegation to hand over 8.5GW worth of assets, the largest energy deal ever signed in the country

  • Offshore wind – LatAm’s mission to Mars

    Offshore wind in Latin America is generating conversation, if not power, as its governments attempt to meet ambitious energy transition goals

  • Lo Espejo Data Center, Chile

    Brazilian digital infrastructure provider ODATA’s debt financing of a data centre in Santiago, Chile, reached financial close in late November 2022. The deal highlights ODATA’s continued expansion and lenders’ willingness to enter the growing LatAm IT market

  • IJGlobal Awards 2022 – LatAm Deal Winners

    The Americas-based infrastructure and energy community amassed last night at the splendid Guastavino’s in New York to celebrate the IJGlobal Awards 2022

  • IJGlobal Awards 2022 – Latin America Company Winners

    The LatAm infrastructure community – many of them arriving in New York from the IJ LatAm conference in Miami – gathered in Guastavino’s to celebrate the successes of 2022 at the IJGlobal Awards

  • IJGlobal Annual Report 2023

    IJGlobal is today publishing its annual report that will be printed and made available to guests at the London awards night on Thursday 9 March

  • Jorge Chávez International Airport RCF, Peru

    Expansion plans for Lima’s Jorge Chávez International Airport – one of the busiest in transport hubs in Latin America – reached financial close in December 2022, concluding a protracted process that was plagued by corruption scandals, litigation issues and the Covid 19 pandemic

  • LAC’s digital patchwork

    Digital infrastructure is one of the key pillars for growth across the LAC region with significant impact anticipated for the coming decade. Dorina Yessios, New York partner with Allen & Overy, speaks to IJGlobal...

  • Ferrocarril Central refi, Uruguay

    Uruguay’s largest ever infrastructure project came a step closer to reality last month as its sponsors completed a $475 million refinancing, providing extra cashflow for new investments while strengthening the project’s long-term financial footing

  • Why Brazil is a market to watch

    As Latin America’s largest economy, Brazil has long been a destination for foreign direct investment and international trade – and it’s showing no signs of slowing down in the future

  • Conexión Pacífico 2 refi, Colombia

    It’s been a busy 18 months for Colombia’s Conexión Pacífico 2 highway PPP with the addition of a new shareholder, completion of construction – and financial close of the second stage of a combined $470 million dual-currency refinancing

  • Araguaia Ferronickel Mine, Brazil

    With the nickel market’s prospects transformed after 2 years of intense focus on the practicalities of the energy transition, Horizonte Minerals last month closed a $633 million project finance package for its Araguaia ferronickel mine – a Tier 1 project which could bolster Brazil’s status as a long-term source for the world’s nickel needs

  • Brazil’s thriving infrastructure market

    Brazil’s business environment is booming with foreign investors confident in the investment climate that the country has cultivated. This success is tied into specific stand-out industries in Brazilian infrastructure – such as transport, which has long been a cornerstone of growth for the country and will see continuous upward momentum in 2022

  • Antioquia port, Colombia

    A consortium of 9 sponsors will shortly break ground on the Antioquia port project – arguably the country’s most important infrastructure investment in decades which reached a hard-fought financial close in the final days of 2021

  • Rio de Janeiro public lighting, Brazil

    Brazil’s emerging smart city sector took a significant step forward in November 2021 as Rio de Janeiro’s public lighting PPP – the second-largest in the country so far – reached financial close

  • IJGlobal Awards 2021 – Latin America Judging Team

    We are delighted to announce the judging team for Latin America – an esteemed group of infrastructure professionals who will gather to debate and discuss company submissions

  • Aburrá Oriente tunnel refi, Colombia

    Odinsa recently closed a Ps 700 billion refinancing for the Aburrá Oriente tunnel in a deal that broke new ground for the use of locally-placed bonds in Colombian project finance