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  • New York sees a green future

    The state of New York in March announced both that it was awarding 26 large-scale renewables projects worth $1.4 billion, and that it had requested to be excluded from the federal offshore oil and gas drilling programme. The state was making it priorities clear

  • Corpus Christi 3 LNG, US

    This is the type of transaction that made everyone involved happy. IJGlobal understands that the only frustration on this deal came from the banks – they wanted more. Cheniere Energy awarded only 14% of what each bank had offered on the first new liquefied natural gas development in the US to move forward since 2015

  • Full speed ahead?

    If high speed rail is going to get successfully financed anywhere in the US, the flat empty expanse of Texas seems as good as place as any. But despite its developer’s bullish attitude, the Texas Central project has significant hurdles to overcome

  • Oil majors – shuffling along the Road to Damascus

    In a volte-face that’s enough to make a North Korean dictator blush, the oil majors are continuing to trip over their feet in a bid to reinvent themselves as good guys, having spent the last century-plus playing the black-hat cowboy

  • US upstream intention

    Rebounding oil prices saw a surge in upstream oil & gas investments in the US last year, but that enthusiasm may be more muted in 2018

  • Boston automated fare P3, US

    A new automated fare collection system for Boston, but Charlie is still stuck on the subway

  • The most important US infra project (that may never happen)

    A project that has to be built, a funding gap of billions of dollars, and a President reluctant to plug it

  • How to fix US infra

    A leaked policy document has underwhelmed, so what should the Trump administration be doing to stimulate investment in infrastructure?

  • Shadow cast over US solar

    The 30% tariff on imported solar panels imposed by Trump's government should have a larger impact on rooftop solar and distributed solar energy generation.

  • The new year – back for another swing

    A couple of (hopefully) amusing anecdotes, a preview of our league tables which will be published in a couple of weeks' time and mulling the awards for which we shall hosting judging sessions over the course of this month

  • Infrastructure funds – big news

    In the same week that IJGlobal goes live with our infrastructure funds database – IJInvestor – it feels appropriate to turn the focus on an interesting trend in the equity space: the rise of technical advisers as investors.

  • US LNG glut

    Investing in US LNG export projects looks increasingly risky, as a flooded market forces sponsors to accept more flexible and shorter-term sales contracts. This is quite a change of direction for a market more or less still in its infancy.

  • Abertis – high prices, deep pockets

    It’s the biggest infrastructure deal in the market, the one everyone’s talking about – two giants of the European infra community slugging it out to acquire Spanish toll road operator Abertis… but it’s a deal that has more than a few wondering what the hell’s going on

  • The great American infra debt squeeze

    In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man may indeed be king… but in the land of the free, it’s balance sheet that a monarch doth make. With limited greenfield activity, the US is gainfully employed doing what so many markets have been doing for a good long while – not an awful lot, and turning a buck where they can

  • Yieldcos: going, going, gone?

    On 16 October, Brookfield Asset Management subsidiaries closed on the long-awaited deal to up their parent company’s stake in the developed market-focused yieldco Terraform Power to 51%

  • US infrastructure – living the dream/nightmare

    Writing on Friday the 13th, waiting to board the most cost-effective flight money can buy between New York and London, this hack’s infra career is flashing before his eyes

  • David v Goliath: What’s next for LNG?

    Is there room for both large and small, modular LNG growth in the US and Canada?

  • Corruption and infrastructure

    Can we draw any parallels between the perceived corruption levels in a country and its ability to procure infrastructure projects?

  • Hickory Run power plant – US

    In a first for the US power sector, Asian investors have sidestepped brokers and gone directly to lead arrangers

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