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  • Charged with uncertainty - EV charging infra

    Various public and private led funds are being raised in early 2019 targeting electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Private investors are battling with oil majors and energy utilities for dominance of this nascent market, as appropriate financing structures remain up for debate

  • Canada's energy diversification in 2019

    Canada updated its coal-fired electricity regulations in December (2018), introducing much stricter measures. The country is now targeting 90% of electricity from non-emitting sources by 2030, and decreasing carbon pollution from the electricity sector by 12.8 million tonnes.

  • US airports – hashtag flying too

    Everyone has an airport horror story and – curiously – many of them occur in America. For a First World nation that embraced flight early as the favoured mode of transport, it remains a curiosity that the user experience is so… Third World

  • The Caribbean – welcome to PPParadise

    Many people find it hard to look beyond sun-drenched beaches and cocktails when it comes to the Caribbean. But with 28 countries and a combined population of 42.5 million, there’s a strong argument for rebranding it “the land of sun, sea and PPP”… if it can follow the example of Jamaica

  • US and China – first responders

    The US Senate on 3 October passed the Better Utilization of Investments Leading to Development Act. It aims to facilitate the investment of $60 billion in developing countries through a newly formed development finance agency – the US International Development Finance Corporation

  • PABs: favoured financing

    With a sizable chunk of funding still available to developers, private activity bonds look set to be the gift that keeps on giving despite the growing availability of private placements

  • Missed opportunity: Seattle monorail

    WHAT WE SAID THEN: “It was an eminently finance-able project using modern technology, offering Seattleites a six-minute service on an elevated system that would provide a critical transport link that could boast both environmental and economic benefits. But it’s dead in the water”

  • From higher education to social infra

    The P3 market in the US is now no longer limited to just the transport sector. It is not even about individual states anymore either. Over the last few years, the focus has shifted to universities procuring student housing projects and setting in motion the potential for other types of social infrastructure projects

  • The most important US infra project (that may never happen)

    A project that has to be built, a funding gap of billions of dollars, and a President reluctant to plug it

  • How to fix US infra

    A leaked policy document has underwhelmed, so what should the Trump administration be doing to stimulate investment in infrastructure?

  • Shadow cast over US solar

    The 30% tariff on imported solar panels imposed by Trump's government should have a larger impact on rooftop solar and distributed solar energy generation.

  • Infra banks – a crutch Canada does not need

    What a week it’s been for Canadian infrastructure. Ontario retains its title as the world’s most attractive infra market while the government steps in with a move it hopes will “crowd in” – rather than “crowd out” – project lending to drive future nationwide investments

  • The great American infra debt squeeze

    In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man may indeed be king… but in the land of the free, it’s balance sheet that a monarch doth make. With limited greenfield activity, the US is gainfully employed doing what so many markets have been doing for a good long while – not an awful lot, and turning a buck where they can

  • Corruption and infrastructure

    Can we draw any parallels between the perceived corruption levels in a country and its ability to procure infrastructure projects?

  • Ontario – light rail… heavy issues

    Light rail in Ontario is a hot topic these days with three under construction, five in procurement and another one at planning stage. With the normally clockwork procurement process struggling to meet its rigid deadlines, it’s not quite as fantastic a market as it used to be…

  • Rise in US airport concessions

    The US airport sector is witnessing a substantial increase in the number of long-term concessions and terminal redevelopment-type PPP projects put out to market. The number of ongoing airport PPP transactions in 2017 is more than double that seen in the previous four years combined, according to IJGlobal data

  • The uncertainty in US P3s

    The future of Maryland’s Purple Line light rail transit (LRT) PPP remains uncertain, following news that construction on key elements of the much-awaited project is suspended

  • Puerto Rico's renewed PPP goals

    Debt-ridden Caribbean island and US territory, Puerto Rico, has announced plans to resurrect its PPP programme with an ambitious pipeline of fresh projects across multiple sectors

  • Project procurement and delivery

    The UK, Canada and Australia are three of the most established private finance markets for infrastructure in the world. Lauded for easily accessible and transparent procurement and delivery mechanisms they are often a blueprint for emerging PPP markets

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