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  • IJGlobal Regional Report – Europe, Q3 2023

    The third quarter of 2023 showed strong performance for Europe across the broader “infrastructure finance” category when held against the corresponding period in 2022, providing marginal cheer in an otherwise fairly depressed market

  • A fool and their money are soon parted

    The English language is rich in proverbs and this one (the headline) happens to be one of the many imparted to me by my grandmother – a rather splendid woman who had a strong influence on me from the earliest age

  • London Array stake acquisition, UK

    Greencoat UK Wind, together with other Schroders Greencoat-managed funds, sealed in August the acquisition of a 25% stake in the 630MW London Array offshore wind farm from Ørsted for £717 million

  • Fundraising… swimming naked in the rip tide

    Roaming around the market this week – as is one’s wont – it’s comforting (if not a tad worrisome) to hear rumblings from within the infra fund community that confirm what's been said for a while… with bells on

  • Infra Dig – Ian Brown talks UKIB

    This latest episode of Infra Dig – the IJGlobal podcast service – sees the focus return to the UKIB for an update on progress. Ian Brown, head of banking and investments, speaks openly...

  • Zenobē Fundraising Round 2, UK

    London-headquartered battery storage and EV company Zenobē completed its second round of funding in September 2023, seeing more than $1 billion raised

  • Infra funds – rolling in… it

    What a week it’s been in the world of European infrastructure funds. For some it’s been jolly japes all round… for others, it’s been a bit of a head scratcher

  • The Maple TopCo / Calisen deal, UK

    UK-headquartered investor, developer and manager Equitix sold Maple TopCo to Calisen in July, marking a merger of 2 of the UK's largest meter asset providers and the creation of a mega energy transition growth platform

  • Edinburgh Tram – the £13m inquiry

    Having been in New York last week, it’s interesting to catch up on UK news… only to learn that I missed the long-awaited publication of the £13 million Edinburgh Tram Inquiry

  • HS2 – apologies for the cancelled service

    Well now, are we on the verge of a sensible decision being made on the UK’s “high-speed” rail shenanigans? One can’t help but hope that sense will finally prevail over HS2 – a project that should have never have seen the light of day

  • They said it’d pick up in September…

    It’s always annoying to have sources wisely intone that the summer lull will end once we’re out of August. Of course it bloody will. But blimey, there’s picking up – and there’s PICKING UP. Sweltering September in London and the market’s gone utterly bonkers

  • IJGlobal Regional Report H1 2023 – Europe

    The first half of this year was something of a mixed bag of results for Europe with the greenfield project finance of infrastructure and energy making a recovery, while refinancing activity was constrained and M&A decidedly down

  • Infra Dig – SeaTwirl with Johan Sandberg

    The focus of this latest Infra Dig podcast turns once again to technology in the offshore wind sector as listeners are treated to a deep dive into SeaTwirl, its history and the ambitions for a new method of harnessing energy in waters your average offshore wind turbine just cannot reach

  • Infra Dig – CCS with Dan Carter, Wood

    The latest IJGlobal podcast – Infra Dig – focuses on carbon capture and storage and the role it is anticipated increasingly to play in the great international energy transition race. Fresh off the back of publishing an energy transition report, IJGlobal editorial director Angus Leslie Melville sits down to talk with Dan Carter, president of decarbonisation at Wood

  • CDPQ – decarbonising the real economy

    With C$402 billion in assets under management, CDPQ is one of the world’s leading investment groups. It is also a global leader in sustainability, spearheading efforts to decarbonise the real economy and limit the impacts of climate change by investing in sustainable projects across its various asset classes

  • The future of PPPs – Ireland

    Ireland’s implementation of the PPP model dates back to the late 1990s and today the country continues to use the model in many of its large-scale infrastructure projects

  • Repowering wind farms, Germany

    Renewables investor Qualitas Energy, through its German subsidiary, closed in May the acquisition of 3 German wind farms from an unknown seller with plans to repower the assets, taking a further step to invest half of its Q-Energy Fund V in the German wind market

  • He Dreiht Offshore Wind Farm, Germany

    The renewable energy sector appears to have weathered the post-Covid economy better than most with developers and industry participants demonstrating increasing willingness to adapt to market uncertainty to finance and deliver utility-scale projects

  • Cloghan and Taghart sale, Ireland

    Statkraft in May fully divested the first 2 operational wind farms developed under Ireland’s first auction to support renewable projects – the Cloghan and Taghart farms – to Greencoat Renewables, completing a €123 million deal announced in December 2020

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