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  • Tanjung Jati - to B or not to B

    When the 1,320MW Tanjung Jati B expansion project in Indonesia reached financial close on 25 December 2008, it brought to an end an exceptionally complex two-year financing process

  • A good effort - the First Gas refi

    There's not much closing in the current market, and less still refinancing, so to bring the First Gas refi in the Philippines to financial close as the banking sector crashed around it was no mean feat. Chaminda Jayanetti looks at a deal that showed that

  • Mundra UMPP - India's US$4bn international clarion call

    Tata Power's 4,000MW coal-fired Mundra Ultra Mega Power Project (UMPP) in Gujarat, India, reached financial close late last month and brought the booming Indian power sector to the focus of the international project finance community

  • Investing in Indian infra - too much of a good thing?

    Last week, India's first Ultra Mega Power Plant (UMPP) reached US$4 billion financial close. It promises to be the first of a series - and is an indication of the seriousness with which the country is tackling its infrastructure deficit. That is being mat

  • Asian Sunset: Mirant's Philippine Power Sale

    It is a stark reminder of the impact of the California energy crisis on the global power industry that the shockwaves are still being felt seven years later and 7,000 miles away

  • Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal

    The refinancing of Queensland's Dalrymple Bay coal terminal - which accounts for 6 per cent of the world's coal trade - comes at the confluence of the two major trends in Australian project financing.

  • Thailand's Ratchaburi IPP - a power project of its time

    Almost nine years after the financial crisis ripped through the southeast Asian 'tigers', Thailand has bounced back to a situation of relative economic stability - reflected in healthy economic growth rates of 6 per cent, total FDI of some US$7.5bn in 200

  • Nam Theun 2, Laos

    The 1,070MW Nam Theun 2 hydro project in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic stands out as one of the most innovative pieces of project financing for a number of reasons, not least because it is one of the most completx examples of PPP in Asia

  • Sohar power and water - Sohar, so good, so watt

    The home of the swashbuckling pirate Sinbad the Sailor was an obvious place to start when the government of Oman established commercial areas in order to diversify the country’s income away from its dependence on oil

  • Mexican Power Sector

    The past and present The core structure of the Mexican electric power industry was defined in 1960 and is embedded within two Constitutional articles...

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