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  • League table high achievers

    With every new set of performance rankings, whatever or whoever is being measured, there are winners and there are losers. Those who exceed expectations, and those who have had a shocker

  • Interview: FRV’s Javier Huergo

    Javier Huergo, treasurer and chief investment officer for Fotowatio Renewable Ventures' parent company Abdul Latif Jameel speaks to IJGlobal

  • Vietnam: solar PPA is “unbankable”

    The Vietnamese government has released a new draft solar power purchase agreement (PPA). But, while the feed-in-tariff (FIT) seems acceptable, key clauses in the new PPA will need to be reformed to make it bankable

  • Australian solar growth trajectory assured

    The number of solar deals to reach financial close in Australia has increased steadily from 2013 to 2017 and - while challenges lie ahead for the industry this coming year - there is a strong pipeline in place and sufficient incentives in place for investors and developers to carry on closing deals

  • Interview: MUFG’s Colin Chen

    The world’s leading project finance bank has also dominated the Asia Pacific project finance league tables for several years. Colin Chen, who runs MUFG’s structured finance in Asia Oceania excluding Japan, explains the Japanese bank’s strategy going forward

  • Interview: PLN’s Ahsin Sidqi

    Sponsors, bankers and lawyers have been pondering the implications of Indonesia’s new regulations on procuring power plants. PLN’s head of IPP procurement Ahsin Sidqi explains the new policy to IJGlobal

  • Project procurement and delivery

    The UK, Canada and Australia are three of the most established private finance markets for infrastructure in the world. Lauded for easily accessible and transparent procurement and delivery mechanisms they are often a blueprint for emerging PPP markets

  • Pakistan’s power potential

    Pakistan, a country where over 140 million people don’t have access to power, is investing heavily in its energy sector. And Asian investors are taking advantage

  • Japan's pension funds interest in infrastructure

    On 11 April 2017, The Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) of Japan issued a call for asset managers of alternative assets, including infrastructure, private equity and real estate, to invest via fund of funds products that are set up as separate managed accounts for GPIF

  • Australia’s gas supply shortage

    Several regions of Australia are suffering blackouts due to a domestic gas supply shortage. Given the numerous and very large LNG projects being developed in the country, the shortage seems extraordinary

  • Interview: Kansai Electric Power’s Yoshihiro Takechi

    Market liberalisation at home is driving Japanese power utility Kansai Electric to seek growth overseas. Yoshiro Takechi, general manager of Kansai Electric international business and cooperation division, has unveiled what he expects in return for the company’s ¥500 billion ($4.5 billion) war chest in an interview with IJGlobal

  • Engie top IJGlobal renewables Q1 2017 sponsor LT

    Engie made the biggest commitment to renewables investment in the first quarter of 2017, according to the IJGlobal Q1 2017 league tables

  • Data analysis: Japan’s solar boom

    Japan’s solar power sector had a record year in 2016 but with one of the world’s most generous feed-in-tariffs (FIT) set to be faded out, the boom could be short-lived

  • The road to India

    Investors have shied away from investing in India in the past. But Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners are now looking to take advantage.

  • Interview: Singaporean Finance Minister, Indranee Rajah

    Singapore’s Senior Minister of State for Finance and Law, Indranee Rajah, tells IJGlobal how Singapore will become a regional infrastructure and financing hub

  • Will PPP solve Asia’s infra need?

    The need for infrastructure in developing Asia Pacific is now estimated to be between $1.5-$1.7 trillion a year to 2030

  • Interview: Siemens's Anthony Casciano

    The Asia-Pacific region’s economies are forecast by the International Monetary Fund to grow at an average 5.3% this year, and remains one of the brightest spots for infrastructure suppliers, including Siemens

  • Interview: Netflow's Phil Dreaver

    In an interview with the managing director of Netflow, the new joint-venture between Plenary and Cintra, Phil Dreaver describes the competition in Australia's growing road infrastructure market, and how his firm plans on competing in the sector

  • Vietnam: last chance for coal?

    The race is on to arrange financing for at least some of the 12 coal-fired power plants stuck in financing limbo in Vietnam, and many in the market fear that unless they can make progress in 2017, the projects will have to be abandoned

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