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  • The new year – back for another swing

    A couple of (hopefully) amusing anecdotes, a preview of our league tables which will be published in a couple of weeks' time and mulling the awards for which we shall hosting judging sessions over the course of this month

  • A final hurrah for 2017

    And so the year draws to a close and here’s the final missive for 2017, delivered six months after returning to the IJ fold after a break of seven years – the first four at the infra title that doesn’t warrant mention and three highly-enjoyable ones in head hunting...

  • Waste PPP projects – trials and tribunals

    The waste sector has ever been a tricky one for PPP and the latest English project to be tangled up in legal battles serves as a cautionary tale for the global infrastructure sector. Essex County Council and the SPV contracted to deliver and operate the MBT plant – Tovi Eco Park – in Basildon have gone to war...

  • Infrastructure funds – big news

    In the same week that IJGlobal goes live with our infrastructure funds database – IJInvestor – it feels appropriate to turn the focus on an interesting trend in the equity space: the rise of technical advisers as investors.

  • Gulf tensions chill Lebanon’s development

    DFI-backed projects in Lebanon appear to be on ice after Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri resigned earlier this month. The latest instability is likely to further hinder project financings in the country

  • Goldmans – making PF bankers grind their teeth

    Talking to sources in the market this week, it was fascinating to hear that Goldman Sachs booked the biggest single profit event for the previous two years on HS1 – the high-speed rail line from London to the English end of the Channel Tunnel

  • Global equity funds dominate 2017 fundraising

    Among unlisted, closed-ended infrastructure funds reaching final close in 2017, strategies geared towards global equity investments have taken up a vast chunk of the total capital raised

  • Infra banks – a crutch Canada does not need

    What a week it’s been for Canadian infrastructure. Ontario retains its title as the world’s most attractive infra market while the government steps in with a move it hopes will “crowd in” – rather than “crowd out” – project lending to drive future nationwide investments

  • Bursa hospital exposes lender limits in Turkey

    Turkish hospital deals are becoming increasingly dependent on DFI and Asian bank debt, as local and European lenders seem less than keen on extending their exposure to the market

  • US infrastructure – living the dream/nightmare

    Writing on Friday the 13th, waiting to board the most cost-effective flight money can buy between New York and London, this hack’s infra career is flashing before his eyes

  • Even educated fund managers do it…

    DIF do it, EISER do it, even educated Arcus do it. Let’s do it. Let’s flip a fund. That almost trips off the tongue, and it’s a darn site easier to sing than to achieve. It would appear that when it comes to infrastructure equity funds, Aristotle’s aphorism that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” rarely stands true

  • Local bank decline in MENA

    While local lenders become less active in MENA energy and infrastructure transactions, international banks are taking a larger slice of a diminishing pie

  • Infra debt funds – brown trouser time

    There’s an old tale that Admiral Nelson was once asked by a flunky why he wore a red tunic into battle. He coolly replied that, were he to be shot, the blood would not show and the morale of his fighting men would not flag. To this, the attendant replied: “And that’s why I wear brown trousers.”

  • Scotland – land of my fathers… and NPD

    This week we looked on in admiration as Queensferry Crossing – the £1.35 billion bridge linking Edinburgh to the wastelands of Fife – opened to traffic so the Scottish Government can say it went live in August… only for it to close again once the snarl-up had cleared

  • Corruption and infrastructure

    Can we draw any parallels between the perceived corruption levels in a country and its ability to procure infrastructure projects?

  • EIB – full retreat from the UK?

    Rarely does one see anything on LinkedIn that prompts a belly laugh, but today a cheeky bit of clickbait posted by a frequent and controversial market commentator on the future involvement of the EIB in UK projects prompted a click-through – and left this hack cackling

  • Turnberry 2007… where are they now? (Part 2)

    The second part of our look back at an infrastructure retreat hosted by IJ at Turnberry Hotel in 2007. Now, a decade later, we take a look back at the careers of those who attended and assess how kind the years have been...

  • Turnberry 2007… where are they now? (Part 1)

    Ten years ago, the great and good of the infrastructure community gathered at Turnberry Hotel in Scotland, guests of IJ at a retreat sponsored by Ashurst, Deloitte and BESI. Here we look at how the careers of those who attended have evolved over the course of the troubled decade...

  • Ontario – an unholy trinity…

    When it comes to approval ratings for PPP programmes, few markets hold a candle to Ontario. It is revered for being the one to do it right from the get-go, creating a clock-work procurement model and true partnerships with the private sector to deliver public infrastructure – even if it stole the idea from Partnerships BC

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