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  • From higher education to social infra

    The P3 market in the US is now no longer limited to just the transport sector. It is not even about individual states anymore either. Over the last few years, the focus has shifted to universities procuring student housing projects and setting in motion the potential for other types of social infrastructure projects

  • Unstoppable rise of the mega fund

    As we stare down the barrels of the summer lull having published IJGlobal’s league tables and the IJInvestor funds report for H1 2018, this infra hack is currently horsing up the M6 to Edinburgh to celebrate a rather significant birthday in the motherland

  • LatAm healthcare PPPs – just what the doctor ordered

    Latin America’s healthcare demand has been steadily increasing, outpacing supply, and has created a thirst for more infrastructure across the region

  • League tables & funds – a game of one half

    It’s been a busy time for IJ with our half-yearly league tables for global infrastructure and project finance and the H1 2018 funds and investor report – the finishing touches to which have been put on today

  • Canadian PPP efficiency

    Canadian provinces are undertaking colossal pipelines of PPPs but have a formidable record of bringing them to financial close

  • Redrawing the infrastructure map of Europe

    With business slowing down in some of the countries that have seen most of Europe’s infrastructure activity over recent years, a number of other markets seem to be picking up the baton. Among these are Spain and Ireland, and unlikely candidate Belgium

  • More to Colombia than just 4G

    Colombian cities are following the lead of the capital Bogota and are trying to launch a pipeline of infra PPPs

  • Infra funds – it’s hammer time

    Infrastructure’s full of surprises. Hardly a week goes by that the eyebrows don’t shoot up to the hairline (still got one) over some development or another. And this last week has seen more than its fair share of surprises

  • Infra fund activity – lot more than you'd think

    As a young journo working the local press world in 1990s north east Scotland, an old editor – a grizzled hack bearing the scars of hard-living hackery – once said: “Angus, the difference between doctors and journalists is that doctors get to bury their mistakes, ours are out there for everyone to see”

  • Friday the 13th – Nightmare on London Streets

    Like all best horror stories, this one is set in the near future – in this case a mere six months hence – a half-year since the C Virus ravaged the market, slashing value from listed infra funds and reducing managers to husks of their former selves

  • Lebanon’s designs on PPP

    Lebanon has unveiled plans for a $22 billion Infrastructure Investment Programme (IIP) to be implemented over the coming 12 years, with $6 billion of that designated as PPPs. The programme opens up opportunities for private investors to tap a market desperately in need of key infrastructure – but which has had little PPP success in the past

  • Infra debt funds: small but growing

    Even though the IJInvestor database shows that only 20% of total funds in raising mode are geared towards debt rather than equity deals, investor appetite for the asset class seems to be slowly picking up in Europe – with managers either setting up debt strategies from scratch or launching next generation vehicles

  • Here come the Belgians…

    Belgium looks to be on the verge of launching a pipeline of projects – a development that may stay the hand of the European greenfield community which is currently tying a hangman’s noose, one eye firmly fixed on the sturdiest beam

  • White-Line Fever – the European malady

    In a perfect world all infrastructure and energy projects are delivered without hitch, operate as expected and run the course of the contract within the parameters outlined in tomes of legal documentation

  • Private placements and investors' expanding appetites

    A few years ago, private placements in infrastructure were primarily focused on refinancings. Now, the private placement market has evolved in a number of ways enabling institutional investors to increasingly participate in infrastructure M&A deals, to act on the origination of deals, and going in as primary investors

  • Kuwait PPP 10 years on

    It is 10 years since Kuwait launched its PPP programme, which to date has delivered just one project, leading many to question whether procurement agency Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP) will ever deliver most of its pipeline

  • Show me the (infra) money…

    January is traditionally a time for reflection, but moreso it’s a time to plan for the year ahead and ensure you’re in position to make the most of the market… which is not so easy these days given, as one old chum puts it nicely: “It’s hard to eke out an existence when there’s a dearth of opportunity”

  • The new year – back for another swing

    A couple of (hopefully) amusing anecdotes, a preview of our league tables which will be published in a couple of weeks' time and mulling the awards for which we shall hosting judging sessions over the course of this month

  • A final hurrah for 2017

    And so the year draws to a close and here’s the final missive for 2017, delivered six months after returning to the IJ fold after a break of seven years – the first four at the infra title that doesn’t warrant mention and three highly-enjoyable ones in head hunting...

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