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  • IJGlobal Awards 2021 – Europe & Africa Judging Team

    It is our annual delight to announce the judging team for Europe and Africa – a fine selection of established industry professionals who will bring their experience to bear while assessing submissions for IJGlobal Awards 2021

  • Can PF lenders truly influence ESG compliance?

    I recall the times, less than a decade ago, when project sponsors, were pushing back on ongoing undertakings re Equator Principles compliance in the finance documentation of greenfield projects

  • EXCLUSIVE IJ Podcasts S01 Ep01 – The almost right word

    IJ Podcasts' Episode 1 – The almost right word – of its inaugural season focuses on unpacking infrastructure as an asset class and the contours of infra finance. The venture capital industry, in particular, has tended not to have infra finance in its opportunity set. Our guests examine what infrastructure is and how the private sector has taken an increasingly expansive view of the asset class

  • DC Advisory: ready to ride the energy transition

    Two months shy of celebrating its 10-year anniversary, DC Advisory’s infrastructure team has been crowned Financial Adviser of the Year in two categories (EMEA and Americas) at the IJInvestor Awards 2021

  • Outstanding Individual of the Year – APAC

    Marko Bogoievski, chief executive of Morrison & Co – an inspirational infrastructure luminary and winner of IJInvestor’s APAC outstanding individual award

  • Outstanding Individual of the Year – Americas

    The judges chose Alina Osorio for this prestigious award, recognising that she had “presided over impressive growth in the mid-market space for her fund”

  • Outstanding Individual of the Year – EMEA

    A well-known figure within the international infrastructure community, Karen Azoulay was a popular choice for this individual award from IJInvestor

  • Improving cost and efficiency when analysing visual data

    Large scale asset networks require huge amounts of oversight to maintain optimal safety and service levels. By using AI, the amount of data which can be processed on a continuous basis increases exponentially, while costs are simultaneously reduced

  • Aburrá Oriente tunnel refi, Colombia

    Odinsa recently closed a Ps 700 billion refinancing for the Aburrá Oriente tunnel in a deal that broke new ground for the use of locally-placed bonds in Colombian project finance

  • Infra in Russia – an exciting investment destination

    Russia has been a very rewarding destination for public market investors – but what about private investment in Russian infrastructure, particularly given the lack of returns and opportunities available in the infrastructure market globally?

  • B247 Road PPP, Germany

    It proved to be second time lucky for the first federal road PPP in Germany that made it to financial close this September after a previous failed procurement in 2018

  • Climate change and COP26: Are we there yet?

    For those motivated by sustainability and the prevention of climate change, there is a feeling that the agreements reached at COP26 fall short of the radical change needed to stop the planet heating to levels that will lead to a climate-catastrophe

  • Brazil’s infra tipping point?

    Three years after Jair Bolsonaro came to power, the Brazilian president’s economic policies continue to redraw the national infrastructure map – and now his government is launching an all-out offensive to get more international investors in on the act

  • IJGlobal ESG Rising Star (Advisory) – Amy Cleaves

    The inaugural winner of the IJGlobal ESG Rising Star in the Advisory category is Hogan Lovells associate Amy Cleaves who thoroughly impressed the judging panel with her passion for ESG

  • IJGlobal ESG Awards 2021 – The Deals

    In this section of the write-ups from IJGlobal ESG Awards 2021, the focus is turned on the transactions – identifying real developments from during the judging period that turn the dial on the environmental, social and governance front

  • Philadelphia’s William H Gray III 30th Street Station

    In September, Amtrak announced financial close on one of its legacy stations – the William H Gray III Philadelphia 30th Street Station, a major transport hub and crucial link along the Northeast Corridor

  • IJLatAm: Viva a 'infrastructure' revolução!

    Attendees at our recent IJLatAm 2021 conference – a hybrid event, and one we sorely hope to be the last affected by international travel restrictions – received an insight into Brazil’s ambitious pipeline of infrastructure PPPs that continues to advance at breakneck speed

  • The role of cost-benefit analysis in the tragedy of the horizon

    In 2015, Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, spoke to a room full of some of the world’s savviest bankers and issued a chilling warning. He said that if climate change continued unchecked, it would threaten the world’s financial stability resulting in what he termed the “tragedy of the horizon.”

  • Fund managers exit left – suitcases of cash

    A spate of infra fund IPOs in recent times has many in the infrastructure community casting covetous eyes at prosperous peers while sucking their teeth and muttering darkly about directions the market’s taking

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