• Ruta al Sur Highway PPP, Colombia

    The project sponsors for the Santana-Mocoa-Neiva Highway PPP – also known as Ruta al Sur – reached financial close on a deal to finance Colombia’s longest 4G road in December 2023, more than 10 years after it was first launched

  • Infra Dig – Edward Wilkinson, GScan

    IJGlobal’s podcast service has always sought to lift the lid on advanced technology in service of the infrastructure and energy sector… and this one fulfils that requirement perfectly. Edward Wilkinson, strategic corporate development lead at GScan, talks about a technology that sees to the heart of things

  • Athens International Airport IPO, Greece

    Athens International Airport successfully listed on the Greek stock exchange, ATHEX, this February, bringing an end to its slew of unsuccessful attempts

  • IJGlobal Regional Report – Middle East & Africa, FY 2023

    Infrastructure finance activity across the Middle East and Africa was down over the course of the full-year 2023 when held against the 2022 results, but this is expected to change in the coming year as Gulf States ramp up activity

  • Thanaleng Dry Port PPP, Laos

    The Thanaleng dry port public-private partnership achieved financial close in December 2023 ahead of its full commissioning later this year

  • Condor II e-buses, Chile

    DigitalBridge group InfraBridge in October achieved financial close on a transaction acquiring almost 700 e-buses for Santiago’s public transport system – expanding on a deal made in collaboration with Enel X in 2020

  • Damietta Port CT II, Egypt

    With more than 80% of global trade being transported by sea and containers dominating international commercial shipping, high-quality port infrastructure has become essential... and Egypt's Damietta Port second container terminal project is a perfect example of this trend

  • IJGlobal Regional Report – Asia Pacific, FY 2023

    Infrastructure finance across Asia Pacific marked a marginal increase in activity over the course of the 2023 calendar year, logging improved stats when held against full-year 2022, according to the IJGlobal database

  • IJGlobal Regional Report – North America, FY 2023

    Infrastructure finance across North America marked a slight increase over the course of the 2023 calendar year achieving an uptick when held against activity in full-year 2022, according to the IJGlobal database

  • Infra Dig – California Drayage with CBRE IM

    Having taken a little too long to kick start the year’s podcast service, IJGlobal launches 2024 with an interesting fireside chat on an award-winning project led by CBRE Investment Management.IJGlobal editorial director Angus Leslie Melville speaks to Toronto-based Robert Shaw, managing director in CBRE IM's private infrastructure business

  • IJGlobal Regional Report – Europe, FY 2023

    Infrastructure finance across Europe dipped by 6.2% over the course of the 2023 calendar year, marking a slight drop against performance achieved in full-year 2022, according to the IJGlobal database

  • IJGlobal Regional Report – Latin America, FY 2023

    Infrastructure finance across Latin America witnessed an uptick in activity over the course of 2023 with full-year figures recorded by the IJGlobal database identifying a rise of 8.2% when held against performance in full-year 2022

  • Aware Super's London expansion

    Aware Super late last November marked its expansion into London with a A$10 billion commitment to the UK investment office. Here IJGlobal looks into its plans for the future

  • DWS's Stagecoach acquisition, UK

    Embracing what has been deemed “the golden age of electric busses”, DWS acquired Stagecoach in 2022, usurping a bid from National Express

  • Toll Road Monetisation P3, Puerto Rico

    In December 2023 Puerto Rico’s $5.2 billion Project Yunque toll road monetisation P3 project reached financial close, the largest highway privatisation process ever carried out in the Commonwealth

  • GIP – oh to be in the Nifty Fifty…

    Word reaches IJGlobal that of the 400-strong GIP team in the reverse takeover of BlackRock, a group of 50 big hitters has emerged as the real winner, earning themselves a nickname – the “Nifty Fifty”

  • Flogging a dead horse

    Once you’ve started flogging a dead horse, when do you stop? There’s no obvious time to hang up the whip. And that’s very much the case with the consolidation of infra funds… as well as the desire to write about it

  • Seoul’s Dongbu Underground Expressway PPP

    The 10.1km Dongbu Underground Expressway is a toll road public-private partnership project in the offing for nearly a decade. To be built in South Korean capital Seoul and targeted to be commissioned by end-2028, the project overcame a lot of hurdles before securing its financing

  • BlackRock / GIP – there will be blood

    Now that you’ve picked your jaw off the floor at news BlackRock is buying Global Infrastructure Partners, what better way to launch the IJGlobal Friday Editorial for 2024 than with a knee-jerk reaction to the biggest deal of the year!