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  • Opportunities for Australian investors

    Institutional investors in Australia have fast growing pots of capital to invest, and have long been comfortable with infrastructure as an asset class. These investors are increasingly looking to foreign markets for assets, but more attractive new opportunities may be closer to home

  • Data Analysis: Mexico’s booming midstream sector

    IJGlobal data shows that Mexico’s midstream sector has been one of the country’s most active sectors in terms of both procurement and closed financings in the last couple of years

  • Long Beach civic center, US

    The $520 million Long Beach civic center PPP is the largest social infrastructure PPP to close in the US so far in 2016

  • EIB lending to the UK post-Brexit

    “It would be very much more challenging for us to continue doing business as we are now in the case of a Brexit,” European Investment Bank vice-president Jonathan Taylor has told IJGlobal

  • The outlook for SunEdison's projects

    SunEdison, the beleaguered US renewables developer, ended months of speculation on 21 April when it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

  • Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high-speed rail not yet on track

    A memorandum of understanding (MOU) on the long-touted high-speed railway line between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore looks set to be signed in June 2016. But Singapore may yet walk away if the richer city-state decides the project is not commercially viable

  • Passante di Mestre toll road, Italy

    For the Passante di Mestre, an operational real toll bypass around Venice, it has been a sluggish route to obtaining long-term project debt, but credit enhancement from the European Investment Bank has lifted the project's bond rating above that of Italian sovereign bonds

  • Autopistas de Antofagasta toll road refinancing, Chile

    Chilean fund Inversiones Infraestructura Dos' refinancing of the Autopistas de Antofagasta toll road concessionaire demonstrates the high level of liquidity in the Chilean market, and a growing appetite among local institutional investors to provide direct loans to infrastructure projects

  • Autopista del Sol toll road refinancing, Spain

    Cintra has successfully raised €557.8 million ($631 million) of debt to refinance two of its Spanish toll roads, with institutions from Germany and the US providing funds. What may have initially seemed a straightforward transaction however, eventually proved more complicated

  • UK 2016 Budget: Rail, road and oil win out

    The UK’s 2016 budget was announced in Parliament today (16 March 2016) by Chancellor George Osborne, an annual event designed to set out the government’s fiscal plans for the coming years

  • Data Analysis: North American midstream

    The last three quarters have witnessed an uptick in M&A activity in the North American midstream corporate sector as asset owners have looked to raise money through divestments

  • Chicago Skyway acquisition, US

    The $2.8 billion acquisition of the Skyway Concession Company, which owns the lease for the Chicago Skyway toll road in Illinois, was the first such deal in the US for a trio of Canadian pension funds

  • Data Analysis: New sponsors enter Mexican wind

    The total value of wind farm financings reaching close in Mexico slightly declined in 2015, according to IJGlobal data, but activity in the sector is set to rebound

  • SunEdison behind a cloud

    In the last quarter, the self-styled world’s biggest renewables developer has become a toxic stock and appeared to stumble from one crisis to another

  • Data Analysis: Project bonds restrained

    The volume of project bonds for European PPPs grew considerably between 2012 and 2014 but contracted again in 2015, according to IJGlobal data

  • Colombia's 4G gathers pace

    Early indicators suggest that 2016 is to be an important year for Colombia’s 4G highway programme, as some of the initial projects procured by ANI approach financial close

  • Uruguay ramps up PPP

    Uruguay is set to see an uptick in PPP procurement in 2016, as Vázquez's government rolls out the initial projects of a $12 billion infrastructure programme

  • Data Analysis: Australia's debt market

    Australia’s debt market remains largely dominated by the big four Australian banks – Australia & New Zealand Banking Group, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank and Westpac – although there are some signs that international lenders, traditionally content to club with Australian banks, are starting to rival their domestic counterparts on deals

  • Behind the meter: securitisation and US distributed energy

    Amid pessimism about access to finance for energy infrastructure, deal flow in one sector seems to be accelerating

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