• US transportation: The 11th hour fix

    Days away from allowing the US federal Highway Trust Fund to reach insolvency, Congress finally approved $10.8 billion in funding to the scheme. But the congressional bill is a short-term remedy and raises larger questions around the lack of long-term infrastructure funding in the US

  • CPV's St. Charles and EIF's Newark power projects

    As commercial banks look for market share in the US power market many are turning to merchant power projects, albeit with hedges that provide pricing certainty similar to a short term power purchase agreement (PPA)

  • ICA toll road refinancing, Mexico

    Last month Mexican construction firm Ingenieros Civiles Asociados (ICA) closed a Ps3.8 billion ($294 million) bond refinancing which combined revenues from a toll road concession and a hybrid toll/availability-based highway project

  • 2i Rete Gas refinancing, Italy

    F2i and Ardian last month closed a €2.45 billion bank and bond refinancing of their 2i Rete Gas distribution assets, marking the largest combined bank and bond refinancing in Italy to date

  • Axione Infrastructures refinancing, France

    Axione Infrastructures' (AI) recent bond issue - to refinance 11 of its network concessions - saw the French company achieve long term financing of 11 years, a tenor longer than is typical for the telecommunications sector

  • South Stream and the political battleground

    With the expansion of US sanctions against Russia, the regulatory dispute between the EU and Russia, and the resignation of Bulgaria’s government, the ongoing feasibility of Gazprom’s $50 billion South Stream project is being questioned

  • North Island Hospitals, Canada

    The financial close of the North Islands Hospitals project in Canada marks the first ever green bond issue for a Canadian social infrastructure PPP project

  • US LNG's new prospects for Asian offtakers

    The developers of natural gas liquefaction projects want to lessen their dependence on debt from export credit agencies. Will this free them to work with different offtakers?

  • Alto Sertão II, Brazil

    Renova Energia's R$1.044 billion ($468 million) debt-financing for the Alto Sertão II wind complex represents one of the largest Brazilian renewables financings to date

  • Tamar refinancing, Israel

    The successful – and attractively-priced – five-tranche $2 billion bond refinancing for Delek Group’s stake in the Tamar gas field should make bonds more attractive to other upstream producers

  • Italy ready for its first project bond

    International banks are already marketing what would be Italy’s first project bond financing for the transport sector and with new legislation approved yesterday (19 June 2014) private placements will be possible for the first time in the Italian market

  • Waterloo LRT, Canada

    The C$621.2 million ($571.5 million) Waterloo light rail transit PPP in Canada is the latest transit deal to close using a mixture of short-term bank debt and long-term bond financing, after the C$2 billion Ottawa light rail deal, which closed last year

  • Market readies for Thames Tideway Tunnel’s IP structure

    Bidding is underway for construction contracts, and now the much-awaited tender is imminent to finance London’s new Thames Tideway Tunnel

  • Is Asia ready for project bond enhancement?

    Europe has honed a project bond credit enhancement. Asia is poised to follow

  • Roy Hill, Australia

    The financing for the Roy Hill iron ore project in Australia is the largest deal to close so far this year, and was a rare non-recourse deal in a sector which has been dominated traditionally by corporate deals.

  • Gas prices key to Energy Future restructuring

    Energy Future Intermediate Holding Company has launched a tender for its first and second lien debt, despite some opposition from junior lenders to the bankrupt power company's affiliates

  • N17/N18 Gort-Tuam, Ireland

    The N17/N18 Gort-Tuam financing for Ireland marks the re-emergence of international confidence, after the impact of the sovereign debt crisis

  • US PPPs: Bridging the policy gaps

    While Kentucky’s PPP enabling legislation might still be a few miles from execution, overall an increasing number of US states have recognized and accepted the model in recent years. But can there be a nationwide standardisation of the model?

  • Abengoa Transmisión Sur refinancing, Peru

    The Abengoa Transmisión Sur (ATS) refinancing of its Peruvian transmission lines through the international capital markets successfully tested a model that the industry hopes will become the new paradigm for financing infrastructure projects across Latin America