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  • IJGlobal Awards 2021 – Europe & Africa Judging Team

    It is our annual delight to announce the judging team for Europe and Africa – a fine selection of established industry professionals who will bring their experience to bear while assessing submissions for IJGlobal Awards 2021

  • Alberta schools bundle P3

    Since 2008, Alberta has seen 40 new schools built using the P3 model and all are currently in the operations phase, maintained by a private partner

  • EXCLUSIVE IJ Podcasts S01 Ep01 – The almost right word

    IJ Podcasts' Episode 1 – The almost right word – of its inaugural season focuses on unpacking infrastructure as an asset class and the contours of infra finance. The venture capital industry, in particular, has tended not to have infra finance in its opportunity set. Our guests examine what infrastructure is and how the private sector has taken an increasingly expansive view of the asset class

  • IJInvestor Lifetime Achievement Award

    A true luminary of the infrastructure industry, Geoff Jackson needs little introduction and his recognition with this award is a fitting response to a career well played

  • IJInvestor Rising Star of the Year – EMEA

    Infrastructure is in the blood for Oliver Müllem and his selection as winner of the Rising Star of the Year Award for EMEA is a fitting accolade

  • Aburrá Oriente tunnel refi, Colombia

    Odinsa recently closed a Ps 700 billion refinancing for the Aburrá Oriente tunnel in a deal that broke new ground for the use of locally-placed bonds in Colombian project finance

  • Infra in Russia – an exciting investment destination

    Russia has been a very rewarding destination for public market investors – but what about private investment in Russian infrastructure, particularly given the lack of returns and opportunities available in the infrastructure market globally?

  • B247 Road PPP, Germany

    It proved to be second time lucky for the first federal road PPP in Germany that made it to financial close this September after a previous failed procurement in 2018

  • Brazil’s infra tipping point?

    Three years after Jair Bolsonaro came to power, the Brazilian president’s economic policies continue to redraw the national infrastructure map – and now his government is launching an all-out offensive to get more international investors in on the act

  • IJGlobal ESG Social Infra Deal of the Year, Americas – Prince George's School Bundle P3

    The independent panel of judges on the IJGlobal ESG Awards was won over by the societal impact of Prince George's School Bundle P3, celebrating a key deal while also noting the lack of competition on the education front…

  • Philadelphia’s William H Gray III 30th Street Station

    In September, Amtrak announced financial close on one of its legacy stations – the William H Gray III Philadelphia 30th Street Station, a major transport hub and crucial link along the Northeast Corridor

  • IJLatAm: Viva a 'infrastructure' revolução!

    Attendees at our recent IJLatAm 2021 conference – a hybrid event, and one we sorely hope to be the last affected by international travel restrictions – received an insight into Brazil’s ambitious pipeline of infrastructure PPPs that continues to advance at breakneck speed

  • Wallowing in greenwash & gargling with Kool-Aid

    Maybe it’s bad form when writing up the winners for the inaugural IJGlobal ESG Awards, but with everything that’s going on at the moment it’s hard not to stare balefully at all this virtue signalling from across the infrastructure and energy community

  • A look inside ADB's Energy Transition Mechanism

    Future project finance participants will remember 2021 as the year when Southeast Asia threw down the innovation gauntlet. ADB recently selected a team of advisers to work on a funding vehicle to phase out coal while scaling up renewables in Southeast Asia. IJGlobal shares insights from project insiders and a Prudential chairman who is an outspoken proponent of the coal retirement mechanism

  • A little bit of SONIA in my life…

    As the market trembles its way into the final quarter of the year, minds turn sluggishly to the next big challenge facing lenders as the deadline looms for the demise of Libor and its similarly-named cousins across the globe

  • Defining the digital revolution

    Sara Pickersgill – co-head of Allen & Overy’s global infrastructure group – and her colleagues speak to IJGlobal about digital infra and the rapidly-evolving landscape

  • Infrafintech – problems, solutions & securitisation

    Fintech has disrupted nearly all aspects of financial services. However, the impact of fintech on infrastructure – or infrafintech – has been one of the weakest links, finds IJGlobal APAC editor David Doré. It’s time for that torpid state to change…

  • Friday the 13th… The Return

    On this day of international dread – Friday the 13th – the IJGlobal editorial turns its quivering focus on the impending horror of returning to the office… for the first time since March 2020

  • UK enters new era for trade with Central America

    UKEF chief executive Louis Taylor and CABEI executive president Dante Mossi join forces to write and op-ed for IJGlobal in the wake of their signing an MoU earlier this year to presage an uptick in activity between the 2 organisations

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