• Infra Dig – Hamish Lea-Wilson, Igneo IP

    The role of long-term investors in infrastructure and energy forms a central tenet of this latest episode of the IJGlobal podcast – Infra Dig – in a far-ranging interview that spans Europe. Hamish Lea-Wilson, a partner at Igneo Infrastructure Partners, speaks openly

  • Athens International Airport IPO, Greece

    Athens International Airport successfully listed on the Greek stock exchange, ATHEX, this February, bringing an end to its slew of unsuccessful attempts

  • Acquisition of Equans Urban Energy, UK

    A consortium of Swiss Life Asset Managers and Schroders Greencoat took over Equans Urban Energy in the UK in December for an enterprise value of £260 million, becoming the owner of the country's largest portfolio of heating and cooling concessions

  • Quinbrook Renewables Impact Fund, UK

    Quinbrook’s Renewables Impact Fund is aiming to address the need for investment in renewable energy infrastructure in the UK, to facilitate the scale-up and deployment of the generation capacity required to reach net zero targets

  • IJGlobal Regional Report – Middle East & Africa, FY 2023

    Infrastructure finance activity across the Middle East and Africa was down over the course of the full-year 2023 when held against the 2022 results, but this is expected to change in the coming year as Gulf States ramp up activity

  • Acquisition of Statera, UK

    EQT’s acquisition of Statera Energy was exactly the type of deal the fund manager had been pursuing for years, Benjamin Bygott-Webb, managing director at EQT, tells IJGlobal

  • London CIV’s new CIO

    The pension pool for London’s Local Government Pension Schemes, London Collective Investment Vehicle, is beginning the year under the leadership of a new CIO

  • Energy transition – time to get the finger out

    Conversations with the industry this week leave this infra hack considerably more concerned at the end than the start… worrying about hitting Net Zero targets, the pace of delivery of renewables projects and – pretty much – energy transition in general. But most of all, the need to get the finger out

  • IJGlobal Regional Report – Asia Pacific, FY 2023

    Infrastructure finance across Asia Pacific marked a marginal increase in activity over the course of the 2023 calendar year, logging improved stats when held against full-year 2022, according to the IJGlobal database

  • Arcus' launch of Portus Data Centers, Germany

    Arcus Infrastructure Partners last year joined the data centre investment drive with 3 acquisitions in Germany and Luxembourg, and the launch of Portus Data Centres to manage them

  • IJGlobal Regional Report – North America, FY 2023

    Infrastructure finance across North America marked a slight increase over the course of the 2023 calendar year achieving an uptick when held against activity in full-year 2022, according to the IJGlobal database

  • Infra Dig – California Drayage with CBRE IM

    Having taken a little too long to kick start the year’s podcast service, IJGlobal launches 2024 with an interesting fireside chat on an award-winning project led by CBRE Investment Management.IJGlobal editorial director Angus Leslie Melville speaks to Toronto-based Robert Shaw, managing director in CBRE IM's private infrastructure business

  • Asterion’s Steag acquisition, Germany

    Not only was Asterion's acquisition of Steag one of the biggest to close in Germany in 2023, it also held its own among the most notable M&As across the power sector in the last calendar year

  • IJGlobal Regional Report – Europe, FY 2023

    Infrastructure finance across Europe dipped by 6.2% over the course of the 2023 calendar year, marking a slight drop against performance achieved in full-year 2022, according to the IJGlobal database

  • IJGlobal Regional Report – Latin America, FY 2023

    Infrastructure finance across Latin America witnessed an uptick in activity over the course of 2023 with full-year figures recorded by the IJGlobal database identifying a rise of 8.2% when held against performance in full-year 2022

  • Bluefield Revive, Italy

    Bluefield's Revive strategy looks away from the allure of new-build renewables megaprojects and instead addresses a question crucial to the energy transition – how to revitalise aging and fragmented assets and generate long-term sustainable impact

  • Broken (investor) relations…

    Reaching out to the market this week, you’re left with a curious sense that it’s divided into 2 schools of thought when it comes to fund managers drumming up cash. Today’s editorial is prompted by an evening out with a handful of infra types in mid-December when one immediately recognisable IR person expressed relief that LPs were starting to loosen the purse strings

  • DWS's Stagecoach acquisition, UK

    Embracing what has been deemed “the golden age of electric busses”, DWS acquired Stagecoach in 2022, usurping a bid from National Express

  • Menengai geothermal II, Kenya

    Kenya is emerging as a key player in the energy markets, particularly geothermal with opportunities driven by low levels of energy access, a need for transition from fossil-based generation to clean and renewable energy, and to support industrialisation and economic growth